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is a broad-spectrum protease that is useful where more mild hydrolysis is of interest. The enzyme can also be used with Alcalase® to increase the level of hydrolysis, optimize the performance within a given process, or to optimize the taste of the hydrolysate. Neutrase® is active on a broad range of substrates including dairy, fish & meat, and plant proteins, especially when close to neutral pH.


is used for broad variety of applications, including hydrolysates from dairy, fish and meat, and plant proteins. Alcalase® is a broad-spectrum protease with high activity from mildly acidic to alkaline pH ranges. Well-established applications include yeast extract, extraction of gelatin or heparin, whey protein hydrolysates, and conversion of animal co-products for pet food and animal feed.


is a unique enzyme able to provide a deep hydrolysis of plant and animal proteins to generate high-quality flavor. Used alone, it can hydrolyze protein to generate savory flavors from a variety of substrates. When more extensive hydrolysis is needed to solubilize a substrate, Flavourzyme® can be used in combination with Alcalase® to generate even more intense flavors. At lower dosages, Flavourzyme® can also be applied to reduce bitterness in hydrolysates produced from Alcalase® and Neutrase®.